When your toilet is clogging, running, or leaking, you will want to work with a professional plumber in Port Arthur. Our service plumbing can help you to correct your problems quickly and affordably. However, a toilet that continues having issues will most likely need to be replaced in order to save money and get optimal performance.

7 Signs Your Toilet Needs To Be Replaced

  1. Constant Repairs: If you find yourself constantly needing to call a plumber to come fix minor or major repairs with your toilet, then you should start to consider installing a new toilet. Chronic issues with your toilet can be detrimental to your home and lead to further issues and costs. You can save money by installing a new toilet versus paying for repairs throughout the year.
  2. Cracks in the Bowl and/or Tank: Cracks in the bowl and/or tank of your toilet can lead to leaks that will damage the flooring underneath your toilet. Tip: if you are unable to tell if there are any cracks, put coloured dye into the water of the tank or bowl and see if the dyed water ends up on the floor. If you spot the coloured dye on the floor or notice at any time that you have water pooling around the base of your toilet, hire a plumber to take a look at your toilet today to prevent further damage to your home.
  3. Constantly Running: You will be able to hear if your toilet is constantly running. This is most commonly due to interior damage to a part of the toilet. Not all damaged toilets run constantly, some stopping shortly after the flush, however, this is still a sign of damage and a waste of water. Repairing your toilet is a temporary fix, but installing a new one will ensure this issue does not keep happening.
  4. Trouble Flushing, Clogged or Overflowing: If your toilet has trouble flushing, gets clogged a lot, or constantly overflows, your toilet likely has low water levels which is commonly due to clogged pipes, or dated hardware in your toilet. Having your toilet inspected will determine the cause, but installing a new toilet will ensure that your pipes are clean and your hardware is functioning properly.
  5. Wobbly Toilet: If you begin to notice that your toilet seems unstable and wobbly, hire a handyman to ensure that all parts are tightened. If the problem persists, the root of the problem is most likely from the floor underneath your toilet. Slow leaks over time will cause the floor beneath your toilet to become damp and rot resulting in a soft surface in which your toilet is resting upon. Hiring a plumber to diagnose the issue can become costly versus installing a new toilet to ensure slow leaks do not continue.
  6. Round Toilet Bowl: Replacing your dated, round toilet bowl with a more modern elongated bowl will increase your comfort and cleanliness and will also allow fewer odours to escape. Take a look at new styles now and contact a plumber to help you with installation.
  7. High Water Bill: As a result of the issues mentioned above, older or broken toilets need to work harder to complete their job, in-turn using more water. If you notice that your water bill is unusually high, have your toilet inspected today. Installing a new toilet can save you money on your water bill.

If you notice any of these signs, consult a plumber to find out what the best option for your toilet is. Installing a new toilet will protect your home, save you money, and add value to your bathroom. With a relatively low cost and speedy installation, stop worrying about future leaks and repair costs and have a new toilet installed today.

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