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Signs Your Water Heater Isn’t Working

  1. You don’t have enough hot water

Do you barely have enough hot water for one shower a day? Wash the dishes and know you’re doomed if you want to have a toasty bath afterward? I’ve been there: When I lived in an apartment with an inadequate water heater to serve all of the units, I was so desperate for a hot bath that I boiled water in my kettle and then added it to the lukewarm water in my tub.

Scenarios like these mean your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water – and you shouldn’t be using boiling water from a kettle on your stove – as that can be dangerous.

  1. You have varying water temperature issues

One second the water is too hot, the next it’s too cold and sometimes it’s just right. It’s easy to ignore fluctuations in water temperature, but it could signal a much bigger issue with your water heater that will only get worse with time.

  1. You have a leaking water heater

If you notice water dripping from the unit or pooling around the bottom of the tank, you’ll want to take action immediately. A leaking water heater typically indicates a serious internal failure.

  1. You notice reduced water flow

Changes in water flow rate or pressure may indicate a buildup of scale or sediment in your water heater or within the plumbing that connects the unit to various locations inside your home. This is definitely not a warning sign to ignore and handle later, as the buildup will only get worse and potentially leave you without much-needed hot water in the middle of winter.

  1. You’re hearing some concerning sounds

Always keep an ear out for unusual noises coming from your water tank, such as loud cracks, pops, whining, bangs, gurgles or boiling. If your unit is making any of these sounds, it’s trying to tell you something is wrong. DoItYourself.com noted that noises coming from a water heater tank are generally produced by either burning sediment and scale or a deteriorating heating element. Boiling sounds are by far the most worrisome, as they generally indicate intense overheating or pressure buildup.

  1. You have smelly or discolored water

Strange water odors, such as smells reminiscent of rotten eggs, or discoloration, including rusty and muddy hues, may be a sign that there’s bacteria or rust inside the water heater’s tank. What’s more, the tank’s anode rod, which kills bacteria and removes rust from the water, may be broken.

  1. Your water heater is on the older end of the spectrum

Modern water heaters are far more durable and reliable than units produced just five years ago. If you recently purchased a new water heater, you can expect at least 10 years of quiet, efficient and mostly maintenance-free operation. On the other hand, older machines can hum, pop, clang and produce disappointingly lukewarm water when they approach the end of their lives.


Avoiding issues with regular maintenance

Regular professional inspections and hot water heater maintenance can do a lot to help preserve the functionality and efficiency of your hot water heater. For instance, you can avoid the scale and sediment buildup that’s so often the cause of hot water problems by flushing out your tank every few months. You’ll also want to inspect important components, such as the pressure relief valve and abode rod, on a regular basis to make sure they’re performing properly. Insulating the unit and hot water pipes can also boost efficiency by preventing energy loss and overworking.

Whether you schedule an appointment with a licensed professional or perform maintenance tasks on your own, be sure to check out your unit well before the winter sets in. It’s usually more difficult to schedule professional inspections and repairs during the colder months, and the costs may be higher.


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