Do you have an older home with its original plumbing? Have you recently experienced plumbing trauma due to the weather, tree roots, or other outside influences? If so, the plumbing in your home may be too old or damaged to properly function in your space. Working with a trusted plumber to repipe your home can help you to correct problems before they start.

Repiping requires some or all plumbing pipes to be completely removed and replaced with newer ones. However, this is only part of the repiping process. Repiping will also typically consist of:

  • Replacing all water lines in the home all lines two for each plumbing fixture
  • New hose connections everywhere that needs one
  • New plumbing valves under sinks and toilets
  • All new supply lines
  • New main shut off to your home and water heater
  • New laundry box with valves

Signs of Outdated Plumbing Pipes in Your Home

Leaky Pipes: At the first sign of a leaky pipe in your home you will need to reach out to a plumber. When one pipe starts ti have problems, your other pipes are not far behind because they are typically all the same age and material, and have been exposed to the same conditions. Staying ahead of the problem can save you thousands of dollars in plumbing problems and property damage. One singular burst pipe can devastate your home, contact Spindletop Plumbing.

Aged Pipes: If the pipes in your plumbing system are visibly aged, then again, it is best to stay ahead of the problem. Have your pipes inspected by a professional and determine how old they are and what condition they are in. Older pipes can become corroded and even contaminate your water with mineral build up, which leaves you with hard water. Hard water will wear down your plumbing fixtures sooner, accelerating the age of appliances and also affecting the quality of water in your home.

Low Water Pressure or No Water: When you have low water pressure in your home, there are many different factors that could be the cause for this problem. One of the most common reasons for low water pressure is the buildup of sediment and corrosion in your pipes. As mentioned above, this can affect the quality of your water, but it can also lead to low pressure making it difficult for the water to flow through the pipe with ease. If you notice that you have low water pressure in your home, contact Spindletop Plumbing.

Water Discoloration: If you turn on your home’s sinks or shower and the water that comes out is yellowish, reddish, or brownish, that’s an indication that rust or sediment has built up in your pipes and a repiping job should be in your near future to prevent further damage. Run your water for 1-3 minutes to see if the color continues or if it is just due to the water not being used for an extended period of time.

If you are looking for solutions for your home’s plumbing problems the team at Spindletop Plumbing in Southeast, TX are here for you. We have experience working with homes with plumbing of all conditions to get it restored and back in shape quickly. Whether you are in need of a pipe replacement or a total home repipe, we can help you. Call our office today to learn more about your options for restoring or replacing the plumbing in your home.

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