Making the decision to repipe your home or commercial property is not one that should be taken lightly. Repiping a space is a fairly extensive project that can require many hours and can take quite a bit of financing to complete. The team at Spindletop Plumbing in Nederland, TX can help you to determine if you are experiencing a minor issue that can be resolved with a small repair, such as replacing a single pipe, or if your piping has reached its expiration and needs to be completely replaced. We have built a reputation in Southeast Texas, for being honest plumbers that work with integrity. At the first sign of an issue with your plumbing, contact our team!


The plumbing in your residential or commercial space should last you for decades, unfortunately, no matter what type of material is used, no piping can last forever. There is no exact measurement of time that allows you to know when you will need to replace the pipes in your home because there are many influencing factors that can speed or slow down the process of decay and aging to your plumbing pipes. Your plumbing works for you every day to deliver water and remove waste from your space safely. All of this work leads to inevitable wear and tear. 


So, how will you know when it is time to replace the plumbing pipes in your space?


Listed below are 4 signs it’s time to repipe your home or business:

Pipes Are Old: While the lifespan of your space’s pipes will vary due to a wide range of influencing factors, such as wear and tear, climate, and structural damages, a good rule of thumb is to replace your pipes if they are 50-years-old or older. Additionally, older pipes were sometimes made out of lead which is an unsafe material for your plumbing. Lead pipes should be removed and replaced right away. If your pipes are made of polybutylene you will want to have them inspected by a professional on an annual basis to ensure they are not leaking. 


Leaking Pipes: Where there’s smoke there’s fire! If you have a leaking pipe in your home, it is important to keep in mind that this pipe is the same age and made of the same materials as the rest of the plumbing in your space. You will want to quickly have the rest of your pipes inspected to ensure that there are no unknown leaks in your space that can cause water damage and other problems in your home. 


Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure can be caused from many different factors, but the most common reasons for low water pressure is sediment buildup and corrosion, which both block water from passing through the entire pipe. If your appliances or shower are beginning to provide low-pressure water this is a sign that you may need to repipe your house.


Strange Smell or Color: If you notice the water coming out of your pipes suddenly has a strange or unpleasant odor, or appears to be discolored, you should contact a plumber right away. This may mean your water has been contaminated, and you may need to repipe your space. 

If you notice any of the signs listed above in your home or business, contact Spindletop Plumbing to discuss your options and to have your space examined. All of these signs are major indications that your residential or commercial space is overdue for a repiping. 


At Spindletop Plumbing LLC, we understand the importance of reliable plumbing in your space, this is why we work with you to correct your issue without breaking your budget. At the first sign of an issue in your home or business, give us a call. We will send one of our experienced plumbers to your address to assess the problem. Once we know what is wrong, we will review your options with you in order to get you the best fix. Schedule your appointment with our team today to restore function to your home or business with the best plumbing team in Nederland, TX.


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