Are you a homeowner that experiences slow drains or clogged drains on a frequent basis in your home? Our plumbing and sewer systems are made of fragile pipes with narrow pathways that can easily become obstructed. The team of professional plumbers at Spindletop Plumbing LLC offer hydro jetting services to help remove clogs and blockages. Read more to find out what homeowners should know about hydro jetting before you schedule an appointment.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is the process of clearing clogs and debris buildup on pipe walls throughout the plumbing system, by sending high-pressured water jets through the pipes. This intense cleaning helps prevent the likelihood of future clogs and backups as the water scours the pipe walls to remove grease, food particles, mineral scale, debris, and, in some cases, tree roots.

Does Hydro Jetting Work on Tree Roots?

Yes, in some cases, hydro jetting can effectively clear tree root penetrations. The plumber will refer to the line inspection video to assess the damage (or potential damage) the roots have caused your system. If damage is minimal, hydro jetting could be viable option.

If, however, the damage is extensive or the waterproofing is no longer intact, hydro jetting could make matters worse, so you’ll need to enlist the help of a local augering service to cut up and remove the roots without causing further damage to the pipes.

What’s the Difference Between Hydro Jetting and Snaking a Drain?

Hydro jetting cleans pipes and removes clogs more comprehensively than drain snaking by aggressively flushing the system. It also doesn’t include the use of chemicals, only water.

Snaking punctures clogs and breaks them apart, but it doesn’t reach the pipe walls to grab super stubborn debris. However, snaking is often the chosen method for older homes or homes with weakened pipes because it’s less intense and doesn’t apply pressure to the pipes as hydro jetting does.

What Can You Remove With Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting can remove all kinds of debris in pipes, including:

  • Hair clogs
  • Mineral deposits
  • Grease and fat deposits
  • Food deposits
  • Silt
  • Sand
  • Tree roots (in some cases)

How You Know When You Need Hydro Jetting

There are a few telltale signs that your system needs hydro jetting:

  • Your plumbing system backs up regularly
  • Your bathroom or kitchen sink drain smells
  • You hear noisy or gurgling pipes
  • You get a lot of clogs, even though you’re mindful of what you put down your drains
  • Your drains run slow

If you are tired of dealing with clogged or slow draining plumbing, schedule an appointment for hydro jetting with our team. We will work with you to free up your plumbing quickly.

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