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What Are The Most Common Reasons For Water Heater Problems?

Many different issues can impact the health and functionality of your water heater, interrupting the flow and productivity of your space. Luckily, working with experienced plumbers, such as the ones at Spindletop Plumbing can help you to get your space in order and you water to temperature.

Understanding the reason you are having an issue with your water heater is the best way to correct it. This article will explore some of the most common reasons for water heater problems in homes today.


According to AchrNews.com some of the most common water heater issues include:

Tank Water Heaters

Make sure to turn off a tank heater before you start any troubleshooting. For electric models, this involves switching the heater off at the service panel and then using a non-contact voltage tester to confirm there is no electrical current. For gas models, just turning the thermostat to the “off” position is enough.


Water Leaks

The most common causes of leaks are:

Pressure relief valve — Replace the valve to stop the leak.

Ball valve — Tighten the nut securing the handle.

Loose connection or stripped threaded nipple — If the leak originates from the top of the heater and is caused by neither of the above, a loose connection or stripped threaded needle is the likely culprit.

Drain valve — Make sure the valve is closed properly. If that doesn’t help, replace the valve.

Condensation — Switch off the heater for a few hours. If this solves the problem, lower the temperature on the thermostat.

Tank — A leak from the bottom that isn’t due to any of the above usually means the entire heater needs replacing.


A Lack of Hot Water

There are a few reasons why a water heater may be producing insufficient or no hot water:

Circuit breaker — Check if the breaker is tripped.

High-temperature limit — Push the high-temperature cutoff reset button.

Heating elements — If the above doesn’t help, test each of the heating elements by touching the screws with a tester probe.

Thermostat — Water that is not hot enough is often due to a low temperature on the thermostats.

Small tank — Ask the homeowners if their water needs have increased, as it may be that they need to upgrade to a more powerful heater.

Dip tube — Drain the tank and replace the dip tube.


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